Apple iPhone 14: A dark horse or underrated genius

Apple iPhone 14

The Apple iPhone 14 has been around for almost two years now. It was the entry-level iPhone in 2022 when the iPhone 14 series was unveiled. Now, we have the latest iPhone 15 series and other Android flagships. How does the iPhone 14 stand out in the competition, and is it wise to go for it in 2024? Let’s find out in this review.

Pros and cons of iPhone 14:

Let’s begin by looking at the pros and cons of this phone.


  • Excellent camera
  • Powerful processor
  • Lightweight & compact
  • Reduced wind noise on calls


  • Slow battery charging
  • It seems like a clone of the iPhone 13

Let us now discuss its various aspects.


The Apple iPhone 14 looks and feels the same as its predecessor, the iPhone 13. Even its size and weight are the same, with a very minuscule difference. It has the same glass and aluminium body and doesn’t offer any novelty. The only difference lies in the slightly larger primary camera’s camera lens. But even that difference is hardly noticeable. Otherwise, there is nothing much else in its design.


The iPhone 14 has a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display with the same notch as the iPhone 13. Apple introduced the Dynamic Island in the 14 Pro series. The screen resolution of the iPhone 14 is 2532×1170 pixels at 460 PPI with 800 nits max brightness and 1,200 nits peak brightness (HDR). 

Beneath all this technical mumbo jumbo is a bright, crisp, and clear screen display. The 1200 nits brightness means you will have no issues using your phone in sunlight. The phone is also IP68 certified, which means it is resistant to dust and water. It remains safe from accidental spills and similar water damage.


The iPhone 14’s performance is exceptional, thanks to the A15 Bionic Chip, the same chip used in Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. This chip, known for its AI processing capabilities, ensures that the phone runs smoothly and efficiently, even when handling heavy applications. The iPhone 14 is a great choice for gamers, as its processing speed, screen refresh rate, and ample RAM all contribute to an immersive gaming experience. 

The processor is superfast and will work flawlessly. No matter how heavy an application is, the processor has the capacity to handle it. The gamer community will especially appreciate the phone because the processing speed, screen refresh rate, and ample RAM all support a memorable gaming experience.


The iPhone 14’s camera, true to Apple’s reputation, is a reliable tool for capturing your moments. It builds upon the successful camera system of the iPhone 13, enhancing it with a slightly larger primary camera lens sensor and other improvements.

It has two cameras at the back, wide and ultra-wide, with a faster aperture at f/1.5 and a large sensor we discussed earlier for better low-light performance. The camera delivers striking results with beautiful colours and good exposure.

Equipped with the Photonic Engine System, an AI image processing system, the iPhone 14 takes more detailed and immersive pictures than the iPhone 13. Overall, it takes clear and sharp photos, especially in good lighting conditions. 

The Photonic Engine enhances low-light performance, and the cinematic “Action mode” is a nice touch for smoother video recording.

The iPhone 14 camera is excellent for everyday use and captures impressive photos and videos. However, power users or zoom enthusiasts might miss the telephoto features of the Pro model.

Battery life:

Thanks to a more efficient A15 Bionic chip and some internal design tweaks, the iPhone 14 now offers a slightly better battery life than its predecessor. Apple claims 20 hours of video playback, a significant improvement that ensures your phone will last through your day.

Still not the absolute best in the market, heavy users might need to top up throughout the day. This is more pronounced than with some Android flagships with larger batteries. Overall, the iPhone 14 delivers a dependable battery life that should get most users through a day on a single charge. 

iPhone 14: Some concluding remarks:

The iPhone 14 is a solid smartphone. It offers a reliable camera for everyday use, improved battery life over its predecessor, and dependable durability. The A15 Bionic chip keeps things speedy, and the new “Action mode” adds some fun to videography. 

However, it’s an iterative upgrade. Those on the iPhone 13 might not find enough reason to switch, especially since the iPhone 14 Pro boasts a telephoto lens and an always-on display for a more significant jump. 

Ultimately, the iPhone 14 shines for users coming from older iPhones, offering a clear step up in performance, camera quality, and battery life. It delivers the expected iPhone experience at a slightly lower price point than the feature-packed Pro model.  However, the iPhone 14 Pro might be a better fit for those seeking the latest tech or extensive zoom capabilities.


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