How to improve English Grammar and vocabulary to ace the IELTS Exam?

How to improve English Grammar and vocabulary to ace the IELTS Exam?

The IELTS exam checks your accuracy in English grammar and Vocab indirectly through your ability to use the language in real-life situations. In simple words, you will not be seeing questions regarding which English grammar rule must be used here or definitions of verbs or prepositions, etc. In fact, you will get some engaging questions and items to provide a response and then, the examiner will assess your English grammar and vocab accuracy through these responses. 

So, the IELTS exam is quite engaging as the questions are based on real-life. It is important for you to understand this so that you can prepare for the exam accordingly. Otherwise, showing complete negligence towards the exam’s perspective is going to get you poor scores. 

This article is prepared with only a single intent i.e. to get you apprised of the incredible tips and tricks to improve your English grammar and vocab accuracy to ace the IELTS exam. 

In addition to the quality IELTS exam kit, you can also access the pdf of the book “Oxford Guide to English Grammar” to understand English grammar profoundly. 

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Improve English Grammar and vocabulary to ace the IELTS exam:

Take a quick look at the pointers mentioned below to understand the best tips to improve your English Grammar and Vocabulary. 

Practice writing with Grammarly 

You can also boost your English Grammar accuracy by practicing writing with Grammarly which is a free English grammar-checking tool. All, you have to do is to open Google Docs from your drive in your G-mail account and then, Google Grammarly for Chrome and install this extension to your Google Docs by following simple steps. Note that as of now, installing and using Grammarly is absolutely free of cost. 

Then, once Grammarly is added to your Chrome as an extension, start writing essays on Google Docs and Grammarly will guide you on your English grammar mistakes. With the passage of time, practicing writing with Grammarly improves your English grammar extensively.  

Youtube tutorials 

You might be turning to the YouTube platform to understand the English Grammar rules. Well, this is incredible but we advise you to go ahead with the Tutorials that are just 10 or `15 minutes long as they can boost your interest in learning. Studying with one-hour-long tutorials can make the process of learning quite rigorous and boring. 

On the other hand, opting for short learning tutorials helps you stay engaged with the process of learning English grammar daily. 

Five words a day 

Don’t set a target for 50 words a day as this is going to make the process of learning the English vocabulary quite arduous. In fact, learning a huge number of English words daily is going to make you feel confused when you recall the meanings of the words. Instead, set a target to learn five words a day and pay proper attention to the profound meanings of the words and their proper use of these words in the sentences. 

For 15 minutes a day, get a cup of coffee and your dictionary (Oxford is the best), and then, start to explore the dictionary. Get a notebook and a pen, and start writing a few examples of the words that you are learning to strengthen their property knowledge in your mind. 

Sample papers 

Sample papers are the best guide that will help you understand what exactly you have to learn. Solve them and get to know the question types and the items you can receive in the exam. The charts, graphs, diagrams, paragraphs to comprehend, the audio, and the tasks, are some of the items that you will be receiving to solve. 

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Improving English Grammar and vocab accuracy is very interesting but you have to bear the structure of the IELTS exam in your mind as well and adjust your learning in a sheer according to that. Also, use the right sources to boost your efficiency in the prep. 


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