JoinPd:  A new way to learn easy with Peardeck

JoinPd:  A new way to learn easy with Peardeck

Joinpd stands for join Pear Deck. It is the Google slide show adds on which helps the teachers to create a slide show style lessons. This also helps students to prepare their lessons.

 It is the emerging technology in our education style. One can create slides and presentations. Teachers can add activities, questions to answer along their presentation. The cool thing is that pear deck track and show the real time data of students interacting with questions. It is helpful in distance learning and online sessions.

Join Code

To join the sessions on pear deck students are given the 5 digit code. It is generated by the teachers or organizer. You will join the Pd by entering the code given to you.


  • Real time classroom interaction

 One of the most important benefits is that it provides teachers with real-time interaction with students by creating questioning and engaging activities with students directly.

  • Student’s performance insights

 PD provides valuable insights about the student’s performance. It helps the teacher to know that its teaching method is working effectively.

  • Personalized learning

 It also provides personalized learning both to teachers and students. Students can learn on their own by participating in a pear deck session organized by a teacher. Also can teachers manage a presentation session for students individually?

  • Students Engagement

 Pear deck promotes better student engagement with different methods. Such as, discussions and lecture delivering methods by using A-aids.

  • Assessment

 Teacher creates assessments directly in presentations. After the completion of the presentation, assessment can be assigned to students for a solution.

  • Strong Discussion

 It helps the teachers for better and healthy discussion with their students. Teachers can create the discussion slides too.


Everything has advantages and disadvantages as like joinpd has also some disadvantages.

  • It is not possible for all students to access because not every student has Smartphone’s, tablets or PCs devices.
  • It also needs a strong internet connection for both teacher and students for instant response.
  • Some students have difficulty accessing this because they have no knowledge about such technical things or online learning.
  • Teachers have to pay their full intention individually to run their session effectively.
  • There are also no rules for student’s involvement in joining sessions.

To create the joinpd account

  • visit Pear deck.Com
  • Select teacher Login.
  • Login to your Microsoft office or Google account and answer few questions.
  • Finally install the pear deck for online power point Add-in.


 It helps you to change the way of teaching. Joinpd is not just for class room teachers, whoever you are; it meets your unique needs. It has multiple- choice features to engage the students. It also plays an important role in your online learning. It also helpful for students because they can attend real time classroom presentation at any place or time. Thus, We can say that it is both helpful and useful for teacher or students to make their whole learning process effective, easy and engageable.


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