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Joinpd stands for join Pear Deck. It is the Google slide show adds on which helps the teachers to create a slide show style lessons. This also helps students to prepare their lessons.

 It is the emerging technology in our education style. One can create slides and presentations. Teachers can add activities, questions to answer along their presentation. The cool thing is that pear deck track and show the real time data of students interacting with questions. It is helpful in distance learning and online sessions.

What is the working principle behind JoinPD?

JoinPD works with a simple but effective approach. Pear Deck allows teachers to design multimedia presentations that include a variety of questions and activities. When a session is about to start with Pear Deck produces a unique code for it. This code will be given to students, who enter it into the JoinPD website ( to join the live session. Once linked, students can watch the presentation, reply to requests, and interact with the content as instructed by the teacher. The teacher, on the other hand, can watch student replies, provide comments, and change the pace of the lecture as necessary.

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Join Code

To join the sessions on pear deck students are given the 5 digit code. It is generated by the teachers or organizer. You will join the Pd by entering the code given to you.

Steps to create a Join Code

  • Open a Joinpd account or connect in to an existing one.
  • Create a presentation. Select the ‘Present With Pear Deck’ option.
  • A 5-digit Join Code will be generated, which can be shared with anyone.

How Do I Become a Member of Pear Deck joinpd?

Becoming a member of Pear Deck is simple, and requires the following steps:

  • Visit Pear Deck’s Website: Visit and click the “Sign Up for Free” button.
  • Choose your account type: Choose whether to sign up with a Google or Microsoft account, as Pear Deck works smoothly with both Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365.
  • Authorize access: Follow the prompts to allow Pear Deck to access your account. This step is required for Pear Deck to integrate with your current tools and resources.
  • Complete your profile: To complete your profile, please enter the required information. This includes your name, position (teacher, administrator, etc.) and school information.

How Do I Register as a Teacher on JoinPD?

Taking part as a teacher on JoinPD is an extension of the Pear Deck registration process. Here’s a step-by-step instructions:

  1. Sign Up for Pear Deck: Follow the instructions above to create a Pear Deck account.
  2. Create a Presentation: After logging in, you can begin creating interactive presentations using the Pear Deck add-on for Google Slides or PowerPoint Online.
  3. Launch a Session: Once your presentation is complete, click the “Start Lesson” button to begin a live session. Pear Deck will create a unique JoinPD code.
  4. Share this code: Please share the JoinPD code with your pupils. They will type this code into to join your session.
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  • Real time classroom interaction

 One of the most important benefits is that it provides teachers with real-time interaction with students by creating questioning and engaging activities with students directly.

  • Student’s performance insights

 PD provides valuable insights about the student’s performance. It helps the teacher to know that its teaching method is working effectively.

  • Personalized learning

 It also provides personalized learning both to teachers and students. Students can learn on their own by participating in a pear deck session organized by a teacher. Also can teachers manage a presentation session for students individually?

  • Students Engagement

 Pear deck promotes better student engagement with different methods. Such as, discussions and lecture delivering methods by using A-aids.

  • Assessment

 Teacher creates assessments directly in presentations. After the completion of the presentation, assessment can be assigned to students for a solution.

  • Strong Discussion

 It helps the teachers for better and healthy discussion with their students. Teachers can create the discussion slides too.

Students JoinPd
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Functions for Teachers

  • Prepared Themes: Get an early start with ready-to-use slide templates that feature questions and activities.
  • Student-Paced Style: Allows students to complete lessons on their own schedule, including outside of class.
  • PearDeck Research: View detailed reports on how students answered and interacted.

Functions for students

Show yourself as well: respond to inquiries in a variety of ways, including typing, sketching, multiple choice, and more.
Remain Oriented: Locking student screens helps everyone stay on target.

Cool learning: PearDeck makes lessons much more enjoyable!


Everything has advantages and disadvantages as like joinpd has also some disadvantages.

  • It is not possible for all students to access because not every student has Smartphone’s, tablets or PCs devices.
  • It also needs a strong internet connection for both teacher and students for instant response.
  • Some students have difficulty accessing this because they have no knowledge about such technical things or online learning.
  • Teachers have to pay their full intention individually to run their session effectively.
  • There are also no rules for student’s involvement in joining sessions.

New Features and Updates in Pear Deck joinpd

  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Pear Deck now supports more popular LMS platforms, including Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, and Canvas. This improved connection speeds up the process of exchanging assignments, monitoring student progress, and offering comments. Teachers may now quickly import class rosters, assign Pear Deck lessons directly from their LMS, and instantly sync grades, saving them time and effort.

  • Audio Responses

Pear Deck has introduced the ability for students to submit audio responses. This feature is particularly beneficial for language learning, early education, and situations where verbal explanation is more effective than written text. Teachers can now ask questions that require a spoken answer, allowing students to articulate their thoughts more clearly.

  • Drawing Tools

The drawing response type has been upgraded with new tools and functionalities. Students can now use different colors, line widths, and shapes, making it easier to illustrate their answers. This is especially useful in subjects like math, science, and art, where visual representation is often crucial for understanding.

  • Student-Paced Mode

The student-paced mode has seen several improvements, including better navigation controls and progress tracking. Students can now navigate through lessons more intuitively and teachers can monitor their progress in real-time. This mode is ideal for asynchronous learning environments, allowing students to learn at their own pace while still providing teachers with insights into their understanding.

  • New Template Library

Pear Deck now has more pre-made slides available for a greater range of subjects and grade levels in its template collection. These templates, which span from social-emotional development to critical thinking exercises, are created by educators. These templates are simple to modify by teachers to match their own class plans, which reduces preparation time and guarantees the delivery of high-quality content.

  • Analytics and Reporting

Pear Deck has expanded its analytics and reporting capabilities. Extensive reports on participation, performance, and engagement of students can be produced by teachers. These insights assist teachers in recognizing patterns, comprehending the requirements of their students, and adapting their instruction accordingly. With only a quick scan, the new analytics dashboard offers actionable data in an intuitive manner.

disadvantages of JoinPd
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To create the joinpd account

  • visit Pear deck.Com
  • Select teacher Login.
  • Login to your Microsoft office or Google account and answer few questions.
  • Finally install the pear deck for online power point Add-in.
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Pricing Plans for Pear Deck

Pear Deck provides numerous price plans to meet different needs:

  • Free Plan: Offers basic features such as the ability to build interactive presentations, interface with Google and Microsoft accounts, and access to key question kinds and templates.
  • Individual Premium Plan: This plan, which costs around $149.99 per year, contains advanced features such as student-paced mode, draggable and drawing response kinds, and the ability to add audio to slides.
  • School and District Plans: Customized plans are available for schools and districts, including additional administrative tools, professional development, and personalized assistance. Pricing for these plans vary according to the size and needs of the institution.


 It helps you to change the way of teaching. Joinpd is not just for class room teachers, whoever you are; it meets your unique needs. It has multiple- choice features to engage the students. It also plays an important role in your online learning. It also helpful for students because they can attend real time classroom presentation at any place or time. Thus, We can say that it is both helpful and useful for teacher or students to make their whole learning process effective, easy and engageable.

Can I use JoinPD on any device?

Yes, Pear Deck JoinPD is designed to be accessible on any device with an internet connection, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

Is Pear Deck JoinPD free to use?

Yes, Pear Deck JoinPD is a free feature available to all users of Pear Deck. However, Pear Deck does offer premium features with a paid subscription.

Can I join a Pear Deck session after it has started?

Yes, as long as the session is still active, you can join at any time using the unique session code provided by your teacher.

What can I do during a Pear Deck session?

During a Pear Deck session, students can interact with the presentation by answering questions, drawing, typing responses, and participating in various activities created by the teacher

Can I use Pear Deck JoinPD for remote learning?

Yes, Pear Deck JoinPD is particularly useful for remote learning environments, allowing teachers to engage students in interactive presentations regardless of their physical location.

Can I review a Pear Deck session after it’s finished?

Yes, if the teacher allows it, you may be able to review the Pear Deck session afterward to revisit the content and your responses.

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Allison Wiltz, PhD in Education, is an experienced content writer who specializes in educational themes. With an excellent education and a passion for effective communication, she creates interesting, informative content that enhances learning experiences for both students and educators.

Allison Wiltz, PhD in Education, is an experienced content writer who specializes in educational themes. With an excellent education and a passion for effective communication, she creates interesting, informative content that enhances learning experiences for both students and educators.


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