Top 5 Best Snapchat video downloaders apps

Top 5 Best Snapchat video downloaders apps

Snapchat is super popular these days. People use it to send silly photos and videos that disappear after you view them. But sometimes you get a LOL video from your BFF that’s too good not to save! The problem is that Snapchat doesn’t let you download videos in the app. And doing a screen recording can get you banned! Not cool.

So you need special apps to save Snapchat videos without getting in trouble. This article provides extensive information on 5 best snapchat video downloaders.

Why Would You Want to Save Snapchat Videos?

There are a few reasons why saving Snapchat can come in handy:

  • To keep hilarious or memorable videos your friends send you that you want to watch again later.
  • To save someone’s Snapchat story that you want to see after 24 hours when it disappears.
  • To post a Snap-on Instagram or another app (giving credit obviously).
  • To have backups of your own stories and memories since Snapchat deletes them after 30 days.
  • To edit Snapchat videos in other apps like Final Cut Pro or Premiere Rush.

The Trouble With Saving Snapchat

Snapchat makes it tricky to download videos:

  • Doing a screen recording is against their rules and can get you banned!
  • Snaps and stories are deleted after 24 hours, so you must save them quickly.
  • You can’t upload videos from your camera roll to Snapchat like other apps.

That’s why getting third-party apps is useful for downloading Snaps to your camera roll. Just gotta be careful not to get caught!

1-SnapSave – The Easy Snap Saver

To use SnapSave:

  1. Copy the video URL from Snapchat.
  2. Paste it into the SnapSave website.
  3. Choose MP4 or MP3 format.
  4. Hit download!


  • Super fast and easy downloads.
  • Works on iOS and Android.
  • Saves videos directly to your camera roll.


  • Need a Snapchat video URL to use it.

It takes just a few seconds to save Snaps with SnapSave. You can also log in to download your own stories. It’s my favorite Snapchat saver app!

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2-SaveMySnaps – For Auto-Saving

Here’s the guide for using SaveMySnaps:

  1. Download the app and link your Snapchat account.
  2. When you get a video you want to keep, open SaveMySnaps.
  3. The video will show up on the home screen – just download it!


  • Automatically saves new Snaps in the background.
  • Can download your own Snapchat stories.


  • Need to connect your Snapchat account.

SaveMySnaps runs quietly in the back and saves any new Snaps automatically. Great if you get a lot of videos you want to download!

3-SnapX – Ad-Free Snapchat Saver

To use SnapX:

  1. Get the SnapX app and open Snapchat.
  2. When you view a video you want, tap the download arrow above it.
  3. Choose “Save with SnapX” and the video will download!


  • Super fast downloads.
  • No annoying ads.


  • Only available for Android devices.

SnapX is best for quickly saving Snaps without leaving the app. Big time saver!

4-Snapdrop – Web Snapchat Downloader

Here’s how to use Snapdrop:

  1. Go to on your device browser.
  2. Enter the full Snapchat video URL.
  3. Select MP4 format.
  4. Click Download and the video will save!


  • No need to install any apps or software.
  • Works on desktop and mobile browsers.


  • Entering video URLs can be tedious.

Snapdrop is great because it’s just a website. No apps to clog up your phone.

5-SnapCreek – For Quick Mobile Downloads

The steps for SnapCreek:

  1. Open the SnapCreek site on your phone’s browser.
  2. Paste the Snapchat video URL.
  3. Tap Download and watch it save!


  • Saves Snaps super quickly.
  • No app install is required.


  • Only works on mobile browsers.

SnapCreek is clutch for fast downloads without any app installs needed.

Be Smart When You Save Snaps!

Using third-party apps to save Snaps technically breaks Snapchat’s rules. You don’t want to get banned from the app! Follow these tips:

  • Never give your Snapchat login to these apps – a major red flag.
  • Don’t go overboard saving other people’s stories without asking first.
  • Only use downloader apps in moderation to save the Snaps you want to keep.


Being able to save those LOL or sentimental Snaps from friends is awesome. But Snapchat makes it hard by deleting videos after 24 hours and banning screen recordings. That’s why third-party saver apps are so clutch! They let you quickly download hilarious or memorable Snaps to your camera roll before they disappear forever on Snapchat. The 5 apps covered in this article are great options that don’t require any sketchy app hacks or rooting your phone. Just open the website or app, paste the Snapchat video URL, and download! Then you can laugh at that hilarious Snap from your BFF or reminisce over old memories anytime.

Saving Snaps is handy but make sure to use the third-party apps responsibly so your account stays safe! Only download videos that you want to keep as personal memories. And never give out your Snapchat password!


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